Scared of Marketing Fundamentals? I got you covered!

You have probably stopped at this article because you may either be working in the marketing domain.

Or you are a digital marketer but are confused regarding whether the tactics of traditional marketing work even for digital marketing.

Or you are curious to know the basics of marketing which scared the hell out of us!

Because when the word Marketing comes across, the majority of you have the notion of manipulating others to sell your products. But that’s not how it is! And it has never been like this.

Even if you have the above-said notion in your mind, it will be changed forever after reading this article. I assure you that!

Learning the fundamentals

If you feel that having paid ads or talking about your product is a way to market yourself then I am sorry but you have been doing it the wrong way.

There isn’t any rocket science behind selling your products or I would say providing value to the customers and getting paid for it.

It’s all about understanding the problem of your audience and serving as their savior by solving the problem which they are undergoing. Yes. That’s all it takes.

But isn’t it too easy?

No, it’s not!

In the majority of the cases, a provider isn’t able to understand the audience properly which leads to coming up with the wrong product and trying to sell it.

But it doesn’t show any results!

And when that product doesn’t meet the people’s demands, then the provider starts using fishy tactics to grab the attention which YOU shouldn’t do!

So, how to understand your audience, first?

By interacting with them.

By reading various surveys about your niche and analyzing what might be considered problematic for your audience.

By posting relevant content which takes time and effort.

At the end of the day, it’s all about better understanding and building Mass Trust with your people.

Can the tactics of Traditional Marketing be applied in Digital Space?

Now, a lot of you have this question regarding whether the tactics used in traditional marketing be used in a digital forum?

The answer is somewhat NO.

If you analyze the reach of Traditional Marketing through Radio, Newspapers, TV, you would have noticed that a wide diversity of people get to know about their products in regional languages. Some of them may not be affluent in English.

But on the other hand, Digital Marketing touches the majority of those people who are affluent in English and have digital literacy.

We actually can’t find the best out of two. Both of them have their purposes.

Traditional Marketing can help to touch millions of people at a low price which isn’t the case with Digital Marketing.

To answer ‘Which one should I go with?’ It completely depends on your product and the distribution of your target audience.

Understand where your target audience is and then come up with your marketing campaigns accordingly.

CATT Marketing Funnel- Ram-ban Pill!

Are you fed up with constant Instagram ads while you tap Instagram Stories?

I think most of us are!

Have you ever purchased anything from those advertisements?

No, right?

Then what is the right approach to market your products and create tremendous wealth?

By following CATT Funnel!

Wealth = nCATT

Here n is Niche,

C= Relevant CONTENT in any form.

A= Gravitating your audience ATTENTION to your Content.

T= Building TRUST rather I would say MASS TRUST.

T= All the above steps then lead to TRANSACTION.

It is important to follow this blueprint in a stepwise manner rather than jumping around.

Otherwise, you would end up investing so much money in running ads but don’t end up gaining wealth. Because you cut-short this funnel.

And who doesn’t like shortcuts?

But your audience is smarter than you! Always remember that.

Integrated Digital Marketing: Holistic Approach

Have you invested in ads but didn’t get the desired results?

Have you felt excited while sending your first newsletter to your audience but didn’t get any response?

Are you constantly posting content but still the number of leads isn’t increasing or worse, no one is interested in your product?

If that’s the case, then you need to change your approach right at the moment!

Just opting for any one approach to Digital Marketing won’t’ help to convert your audience into leads.

It is an integrated approach. It’s just like if you want to get fit you need to target your entire body.

It won’t be like doing some face exercises to burn face fat! Right?

That’s not how it works!

You first start posting relevant content by the hit and trial method. And understanding your audience.

Then people start engaging with your content.

Simultaneously you blog about your experiences in your niche. You incorporate SEO.

Remember, everything is happening simultaneously!

People start searching for solutions to their problems on Google and that’s when your blog pops up since you have already talked about relevant solutions which your audience is searching for.

From that, if people like and feel connected to your content then they will fill the Email Subscription Form.

And that’s when Email marketing comes into action! You keep sending conversational articles and emails to your audience.

Now, hopefully, a few of them start trusting you as you have given the Free solutions to their problems.

This TRUST then transforms into MASS TRUST.

You keep providing free quality content. You keep gaining TRUST.

Then one day you come up with your premium product.

And because of the mass trust which you have gained by consistent effort, it will finally transform into leads.

And that’s how Marketing is done.

Clean and ethical without Manipulating.

To provide a solution rather than using fishy tactics to get leads.

That’s all CATT Funnel is all about.

With practice and experience, you ensure that your audience is at different levels of this funnel.

This will be a win-win situation. For people and also for your brand.

Importance of Personal Branding

Your audience remembers stories.

They remember the people behind it.

Nobody remembers a brand.

Just like a book is being remembered by one of the characters.

Similarly, your company is recognized by a personal brand that is YOU.

YOU are a personal brand.

You are a human being. You have a story behind how you have come so far.

And people out there want to hear your story.

Nobody is interested to know how much money your company has made.

They are interested to get insights into how your hard work makes you come this far.

And that’s where the importance of Personal Brand lies.

You better ensure to follow CATT Funnel to have a personal brand.

Sending conversational emails.

Picking their problem and providing them a solution.

These aspects build a personal brand.

At the end of the day, emotions and real connections last. And that’s where you need to work on!


By following CATT Funnel.

By building Mass Trust.

By providing value.

It just takes an ethical outlook and progressive thinking rather than indulging in a regressive approach of fooling others!


Even if it’s Digital Marketing or Traditional marketing, the fundamentals remain the same.

Yes, things can be tweaked as per the medium of advertising.

But you gotta strengthen your basic values and knowledge about the fundamentals of marketing.

I hope you have got the idea of the same and its various aspects. Do you have any other approach towards the same? Share your views in the comments below.